Nov 30 2009

Let’s take a closer look at the American Indians

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It has long been an interest and passion of mine to study and understand the circumstances that effected the American Indians, more specifically the Cherokee, here in the south in the 1800′s.   Many do not realize that the first encounters between the American Indians and the first European settlers were peaceful.  I have created this blog to provide information regarding these first encounters, subsequent assimilation and finally the removal of the American Indians from Georgia.   By looking at pictures, documents and first hand accounts we will review and consider if the American Indians were treated in a fair and democratic manner.  We will also determine if mans greed had a predominate role in the acts that took place.  Finally we will see how the American Indians were treated during the removal process.  As you examine the artifacts to the side of my post you will see the strides the American Indians took to ‘fit’ in with the settlers and become more like them.  You will also see how members of their own tribe sold the land they lived on for century’s and initiated what would become the worst time for these people.  After reviewing all this information you will see that the American Indians were treated in a most inhumane and unfair manner and became the victims of the white mans greed. 

Credit is given to Google Images for pictures used in this blog,  youtube for the short video, various government and Nation American websites for first hand information.

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